The first step in tuning the B202 T16 is tweaking the APC. I will add a section to that later but in this section it's mostly engine tuning.

The standard intercooler is placed badly behind the left headlight. The airflow is heavily restricted and the design and size of the intercooler is also restricting the efficency. A front mounted 9000 intercooler is a cheap upgrade, after that 2 9000 intercoolers welded together is a good choice. Just about any intercooler is better than the original ;).

Next upgrade would be a fuel chip for the LH box. It allows more fuel when needed at higher boost.

A turbo upgrade is highly appreciated by the B202. The original exhaust manifold has the T3 connection to the Turbos turbine inlet. A popular upgrade turbo is the Mitsubishi range of TD04 turbos, starting with the 15T compressor up to 19T. Old school is the Garret TB03 Trim 60 supporting ~280bhp with a relativily slow spool up.

Upgrading with new fuel injectors is required when wanting >~220bhp. A good choice is the Bosch "431" injectors found on the 2,3T 9000 engine. Should support approximently 280bhp. When changing injectors a new addapted fuel chip is needed.

When upgrading injectors a higher fuel pressure might be needed. Older B202 T16 engines has a 2,5bar fuel pressure regulator (FPR) and newer ones has a 2,8bar FPR. I would recommend the ones that has a 2,5bar FPR to change it to atleast a 2,8bar. But you ought to discuss this with the one programming the fuel chip.

The 84-85 T16 engines has a badly flowing cylinder head/intake manifold. The newer ones are a little better but an easy swap is to use a cylinder head from a B212 engine (2,1 16v natural aspirated engine) or from a -93 9000 2,3L engine (with or without turbo). Use the cylinder head with a B212 intake manifold for matching ports.

Camshafts can be swapped easy. Stay away from the 84-85 ones and use the ones from the 86-88a T16 without catalyst. Or you could get re-grinded performance cams or brand new performance cams. The performance cams let's more air into the engine and together with the right amount of fuel gives more power than the stock ones. A downside could be rougher idling but what is that compared to a more rev-willing and more powerfull engine?

Grinding away the EGR tounge in the exhaust manifold would help exhaust flow a bit. But the best performance wise is to change to an expensive header manifold.

Changing the exhaust system to a 3" will gain you some power and a great sound. Exchanging the catalyst (if you have one) to a sport or race one is desired. A 3" downpipe (batteriböj in swedish) will gain you approximently 10bhp and a faster Turbo spool-up. It might require a battery relocation but I highly recommend it.

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